EIVISSA tells the story of the straight banker Isabelle, who after receiving an unexpected inheritance, leaves her daily grind in Hamburg and travels to Ibiza (Catalan: Eivissa).
Suddenly transplanted into a new and foreign world, she slowly embraces the change of scenery and embarks upon an eye-opening, transformative journey. The film also explores the stories of Pat and Anuva, two women whose paths continually cross with Isabelle’s during her time on the white island.

EIVISSA is about life’s unexpected twists and turns and the magic which happens when you simply let go, specially on Ibiza. In parallel the film paints a vivid portrait of the island and its many colorful characters.

  • Lenka Arnold
  • Maya Maria Drücker
  • David Setnicky
  • Diederik Laiz
  • Benjamin Irvine
  • Tini Lazar
  • Marijam Camara
  • Sina Scheffler
  • Belinda Bourdouxhe
  • Sigurd Mora Schröder
  • Selcuk Tabur
  • NG Chin Yue Anna-Christine
  • Jorge Pineda Bruges
  • Nando Pauer
  • Pancho Molina Costa
  • Sarah Masuch
  • Nicola Hormann
  • Monti
  • Jon Wayne
  • Aoiri and Willi
Directed by
  • Tini Lazar
Assistant Director
  • Lenka Arnold
  • Leo Lazar
Sound Editing & Mixing
  • Marco Lanuschny
  • Hannes Gorrissen
Script, Production, Camera
  • Tini Lazar
Production Assistent, Second Camera
  • Lenka Arnold
Creative Assistance
  • Lenka Arnold
  • Anik Lazar
  • Leo Lazar
Assistant Editor
  • Lenka Arnold
  • Leo Lazar
English Subtitles
  • Joel Havea
Spanish Subtitles
  • Tareixa Fernández García

Special Thanks to
Damasó Lapique Alonso, Rainer Nolte, Basti Mann, Djin Omen, Michael Reinhardt, Martin Baumgartner, Torben Dietz, Menzel Mutzke, Julius Trautvetter, Daniel Stritzke, Eberhardt Lingnau, Lukas Stodollik, 106Hz, Mladen Solumun, Daniel Schoeps, Leila Lowfire, Esther Preußler, Maya, Frederik Vogel, Sanja Tomanic, Michael Söth, Carolin Otersen, Ricardo Urgell, Rote Laterne, Carlos Jurado Guzmán, Pacha & Destino, Guillermo Fernandes Oriol, Holger & Blanche Bönig, Claudia & Valentin Lazar, Lina Arnold, Nicolette Vochomurkova, Natalie Lazar, Bernhard Gleim, Nicola Hormann, Yanni Pons, Louis Henry Sarmiento II, Sonic Vista Studios Ibiza, Nomo Drücker, Moritz´s Dogs, Maximilian Hensel, Babeth Ranson Guérin, Antonio & Miguel Muñoz, Uritz von Oertzen, Nicole Hittmann, Fuse Ibiza, Karin J., Sonja Schwarz, Paula Castro Fernandez, Herr von Eden, Klaus Lemke and Elfenträume.
Tini Lazar

The heart and soul of the film comes from director, Hamburg (Germany) native Tini Lazar. She is a life long lover of cinema in all its forms, starting her career behind the camera, evolving to acting roles, directing and producing.
In the male dominated film industry, she repeatedly longs for a realistic and modern female perspective in characters and plotlines. Inspired by this, she shoots her first independent film EIVISSA.

Working closely with main actress, Lenka Arnold, who has her roots on Ibiza, Lazar herself also goes on an adventure to complete this project, as the film is completely self produced and directed, realised with a small self-financed budget.

She and her team are currently developing a series, a follow up for the film and its characters.